SABRE Simulations

The family of SABRE simulations are designed to deliver an engaging and sophisticated business experience to support learning in both the academic and corporate environments.

The original SABRE simulation has been refined over the years in both MBA and undergraduate programs based on input from professors who incorporate it in their classes. In addition IIBD has used it extensively in its Competitive Market-Driven Strategies course to a wide range of clients. SABRE is ideal for supporting the learning objectives that are central to developing and executing a market-driven business strategy, such as segmentation, positioning, advertising, portfolio management, product development, and market research.

A recent addition to the SABRE family of simulations is the SABRE Optometry simulation. Originally developed in partnership with NECO and Essilor it was piloted at NECO and currently is used in several optometry schools, with more joining each academic year. The focus in this simulation is running a retail business that sells both products and services. The case is focused on running an optometry practice, with competing practices in the marketplace.