Note: We now recommend the
non-Silverlight version here.

This original SABRE page uses Silverlight which can be installed or re-enabled in IE or Safari by clicking to the right.

If you have Windows 8 or 10, please see the images below to make sure you are using the desktop version of Internet Explorer (not Edge).

Mac users may use Safari or Firefox ESR*.

If you have already installed Silverlight in Safari be sure that plug-ins are enabled under Preferences - Security - Plug-ins. Then fully quit Safari (Command - Q) and relaunch it.

Windows 8: If you are using the full-screen browser "app" (with the black address bar at the bottom) click the wrench icon in the lower right and choose "View in the desktop". Windows 8 Metro browser view in desktop Windows 10: If you are using the newer "Edge" browser click the "..." icon in the upper right and choose "Open with Internet Explorer". Windows 10 Edge browser view in desktop

* Firefox mainstream release V52.0 no longer supports Silverlight but the ESR release still does.